The Ubuntu-mozillasquad team was made for people that are interested in mozilla packaging, development or just want to help out in another way. We have many ways for you to help out starting at no experience up to seasoned developer. If you have any questions on what job you can do based on your experience you can ask us on in channel #ubuntu-mozillateam or you can also ask us on the Mozilla team mailing list <email address hidden>. You might want to join the list first at

once you have done considerable contributions for quite some time and you need access to bzr branches, PPA or administrative privileges that come with mozillateam membership we will review your profile during one of the mozillateam meetings and add you based on the decision reached there.

The reasons to be a part of the Ubuntu-Mozilla team is that you have access to our bzr branches, access to upload to our Mozilla team PPA archive, helps to be an active part of the team when you decide to go up for Ubuntu membership, reputation, you also get driver/administrator status for several projects lead by Mozilla team in launchpad,.

Please refer to Mozilla team's Launchpad page
More info can be found at

I have removed all members that applied to Mozilla team and added everyone to this team if you wish not to be part of this team please use the leave this team link on your Launchpad home page.

NOTE: For those of you on this team that does not have an email address on you launchpad home page i have sent out an announcement about why you have joined this team. You can read the announcement at
If you would like to receive further announcements about anything or have questions its a good idea to subscribe to the mailing list (low traffic).
The subscription page is

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