AllTray 0.7.4dev

This is to be the next interim release. It is my hope that this release will function as a beta for 0.8.0. Assuming that all desired functionality is implemented, the next release after this milestone will be 0.8.0beta0.

The two major planned features of this release over 0.7.3dev are:
 * support for clicking an application's "Close" window manager button and minimizing to the tray instead of closing the window.
 * better means of getting an icon to use in the tray to represent an application.

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Michael B. Trausch
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Release notes 

This is the latest version of AllTray; it is a development snapshot (as noted in the version: 0.7.4dev).

This release fixes many bugs, has a --hide argument, and other updates. It does not yet have close-to-tray support, see for information on that. For additional information, see NEWS in the download file. The complete change log is available in the ChangeLog file.


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388736 #388736 Interaction Issues with XVoiceFax 5 Low   3 Invalid
311908 #311908 Add "Dock" to title-bar context-menu 6 Wishlist   3 Invalid
347173 #347173 new feature request: add right mouse click on program to set it to system tray 6 Wishlist   3 Invalid
388556 #388556 ** ERROR **: Process.vala:232: Should never reach here 5 Low   10 Fix Released
389608 #389608 Enhance tray icon detection heuristics 5 Low   10 Fix Released
301636 #301636 AllTray does not work with OpenBox 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
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