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A toolset for interacting with Launchpad, generating specialized reports, performing powerful operations against launchpad, and assisting in the generation and testing of software packages.

Arsenal provides a set of bug management tools aimed at automating some of the more routine work done in bug triage, including bulk bug triaging, single-command deb package patching/building, and bug upstreaming. Currently the tools are being developed with Xorg bug triage in mind, but participation to generalize the tools for other packages would be welcomed.

Arsenal is composed of three major pieces: a) A backend for processing data and generating JSON files, b) a web interface to translate the JSON data into a pretty, browsable HTML interface, and c) some greasemonkey scripts to integrate the arsenal web interface and tools with Launchpad. A lot of this is still in fairly early development.

Contributions to Arsenal are welcome! Grab the code and join the mailing list.

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2.x series is the current focus of development.

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