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Baltix GNU/Linux is a complete user-friendly operating system for people from Baltic region (mainly for Lithuanians and Latvians), based on Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux distributions. Baltix is optimized for home use and office work. Look at for more info.

Baltix is a complete user-friendly GNU/Linux operating system for the people from the Baltic region.

Supported languages are Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Russian, English, Polish, Norwegian and other around Baltic region. Main language is Lithuanian (at least for now).

Baltix goals are described in bug #29194 (Lietuviškai/in Lithuanian language) and bug #1 (in English).

Baltix GNU/Linux is the installable Live CD with GNOME (some versions are with LXDE and KDE) desktop environment with user-friendly graphical installer (0.8-1.x version additionally included text mode installer, see
Baltix has lots of software, which is needed at office work and also some games + educational software for home users. Additionally Baltix contains some software for rescuing lost data and fixing corrupted installed operating systems/disk partitions/filesystems.
Since 2007 there are 3 Baltix variants - Desktop edition, Server+Mini-Desktop edition and "EduBaltix" DVD edition with lots of additional software for education and science (see for more info).
Baltix uses on Ubuntu operating system as the base and additionally has some software directly from Debian GNU/Linux.

Youtube kanalas lietuviškai (in Lithuanian language):

Also there are special editions of Baltix GNU/Linux with an automated installation (autoinstall) feature - operating system can be installed into computers in about 15 minutes without user intervention from special CD or another computer in local network.

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Developers can join at (Code, GIT repositories, wiki, etc)

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