* Main developer and maintainer of Baltix GNU/Linux (Debian and Ubuntu based distribution for Baltic states - Lithuania, Latvia, etc., look at http://baltix.info and ftp.akl.lt/Linux/Baltix )
    * Programmer : C, C++, Python, Java, also have some shell and Ruby programing knowledge
    * Developer of the Baltix, Ubuntu, Debian, Morphix, LibreOffice and maybe some other projects ;)
    * Colaborator in many distros like Ubuntu, Debian, (G/K)noppix and Morphix (and more).


    * Live systems
    * Instalation systems
    * Hardware detection and databases
    * Branding and distros derivatives
    * Ubuntu, Debian and Lithuanian (http://baltix.akl.lt) distros
    * Software usability and translations


    * Jabber ID : mantasATaklDOT_HERElt
    * email : <email address hidden>

Some notes for myself:
Get in contact with Estobuntu developers: http://estobuntu.org/estobuntu-english

Command to create NVMe SSD cache for MD RAID:
make-bcache --block 4k --bucket 1M -C /dev/nvme0n1p3 --wipe-bcache -B /dev/md/Ubuntu-Baltix-18\:0

Watch Microkernel-based OS progress: http://genode.org http://HelenOS.org and Minix3
Add http://www.ubuntugamer.com to ubuntu.lt and baltix.lt links
Ubuntu/Kubuntu/etc daily-live CD/DVD build logs: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/livefs-build-logs/
Instructions how to publish a bazaar branch for first time (bzr init lp:project-name): http://doc.bazaar.canonical.com/latest/en/user-guide/index.html#team-collaboration-central-style

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