Milestones belong to a series and can be created from the series page by a project owner or series release manager.

Version Series Expected Released Summary
Barbican ongoing future None not yet released Work which spans multiple cycles or is never really 'finished', but we still ...
Barbican next future None not yet released Work that should be considered for the next development series. This is revi...
Barbican kilo-rc3 "RC3" kilo None
Barbican kilo-rc2 "RC2" kilo None
Barbican kilo-rc1 "RC1" kilo None
Barbican bobcat-3 bobcat 2023-09-01 not yet released
Barbican bobcat-2 bobcat 2023-07-07 not yet released
Barbican bobcat-1 bobcat 2023-05-12 not yet released
Barbican pike-rc1 "p-rc1" pike 2017-08-07 not yet released
Barbican pike-3 "p3" pike 2017-07-24 not yet released
Barbican pike-2 "p2" pike 2017-06-05 not yet released
Barbican pike-1 "p1" pike 2017-04-10 not yet released
Barbican ocata-rc1 "RC1" ocata 2017-01-30
Barbican ocata-3 "o3" ocata 2017-01-23 not yet released
Barbican ocata-2 "o2" ocata 2016-12-12 not yet released
Barbican ocata-1 "o1" ocata 2016-11-14 not yet released
Barbican 3.0.0 "newton" newton 2016-10-06
Barbican newton-rc1 "RC1" newton 2016-09-16
Barbican newton-3 "n3" newton 2016-08-31
Barbican newton-2 "n2" newton 2016-07-13
Barbican 2.0.0 "mitaka" mitaka 2016-04-07
Barbican mitaka-rc2 mitaka 2016-03-31
Barbican mitaka-rc1 "RC1" mitaka 2016-03-23
Barbican mitaka-3 "m3" mitaka 2016-03-03
Barbican mitaka-2 "m2" mitaka 2016-01-21
Barbican mitaka-1 "m1" mitaka 2015-12-03
Barbican 1.0.0 "liberty" liberty 2015-10-15
Barbican liberty-rc2 "RC2" liberty 2015-10-05
Barbican liberty-rc1 "RC1" liberty 2015-09-26
Barbican liberty-3 "l3" liberty 2015-09-03
Barbican liberty-2 "l2" liberty 2015-07-30
Barbican liberty-1 "l1" liberty 2015-06-25
Barbican 2015.1.0 "kilo" kilo 2015-04-30
Barbican kilo-3 "k3" kilo 2015-03-19
Barbican kilo-2 "k2" kilo 2015-02-05
Barbican kilo-1 "k1" kilo 2014-12-18
Barbican 2014.2 "juno" juno 2014-10-16
Barbican juno-rc1 "RC1" juno 2014-09-25
Barbican juno-3 "j3" juno 2014-09-04
Barbican juno-2 "j2" juno 2014-07-24
Barbican juno-1 juno 2014-06-12
Barbican icehouse icehouse 2014-04-17
Barbican icehouse-3 icehouse 2014-03-04
Barbican icehouse-2 icehouse 2014-01-23
Barbican icehouse-1 icehouse 2013-12-05
Barbican havana "Barbican Havana Release" havana 2013-10-17
Barbican havana-3 havana 2013-09-06
Barbican havana-2 havana 2013-07-18
Barbican havana-1 havana 2013-05-30 This milestone targets storing key/secret information on behalf of a Tenant (...