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The program wdiff is a front end to diff for comparing files on a word per word basis. A word is anything between whitespace. This is useful for comparing two texts in which a few words have been changed and for which paragraphs have been refilled. It works by creating two temporary files, one word per line, and then executes diff on these files. It collects the diff output and uses it to produce a nicer display of word differences between the original files.

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Latest version is 1.2.2

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  • wdiff 1.2.2 released on 2014-04-14
    I'm happy to announce the release of wdiff 1.2.2. Over a year after ist pred...
  • wdiff 1.2.1 released on 2013-03-09
    I'm happy to announce the release of wdiff 1.2.1. We now have translations f...
  • wdiff 1.1.2 released on 2012-05-30
    Today I'm announcing the release of wdiff 1.1.2. This new release so shortly ...
  • wdiff 1.1.1 released on 2012-05-22
    I'm happy to announce the release of wdiff 1.1.1. This release works around ...
  • wdiff 1.1.0 released on 2011-11-15
    I'm happy to announce the release of wdiff 1.1.0. Translations can now make ...