Randall Ross was an Ubuntu Community Manager, and was widely known as the "Ubuntu Buzz Generator". He is a part of the Ubuntu Vancouver community and dabbles in the production of music and audiocasts.

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Tasks to organize the Ubuntu Global Jam (S series). Event is scheduled to occur on: Fri September 13 2013 Sat September 14 2013 Sun September 15 2013 Teams with special requirements may hold events any time in September, though the above dates are preferred.
Ubuntu Advocacy Kit for Ubuntu
Develop a kit for Ubuntu Advocates that is easy to install/use and that contains the best thinking and materials to support Ubuntu advocacy and evangelism. (This builds on the work completed under the moniker "Ubuntu Advocacy Development Kit".)
Tasks to organize the Ubuntu Global Jam (Raring Ringtail or Randall Ross edition) Fri March 1 2013 Sat March 2 2013 Sun March 3 2013
Ubuntu LoCo team leaders, members and interested parties share and discuss best practices for the creation and maintenance of Ubuntu teams.
Executive Summary: The main idea is to make discovery of Ubuntu community automatic, and not an accident. Community is meant in the whole and general sense of "anyone who uses or contributes to Ubuntu." (In this context, community is not meant to be restricted to LoCo teams.) If we can drive more people towards the ...

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